Hello November

45150747_10156630813152593_3865849915091451904_oIt has been awhile, but it always has been. I’ll get better about it one of these days. Thank God October is over! That is a busy month for me with my 31 Nights of horror, which is 31 nights of watching horror films. This year I did a Halloween marathon for 11 nights. Ten Halloween movies followed by the new one (It is really good!) My favorite random horror film to watch was The Invitation (2015) It is a solid movie! Watch it! Now, onto November….

There is thing where I try to write one page a day in November….but here we are on day six and I have already written over twenty pages on a new novel. At this rate I will be at a finished first draft by December! All of 2018 I have been lost on what I have wanted to write about since my collection of short stories (Stories we tell our Dead) and I have ideas for horror, syfy, fantasy, and even romance, but I couldn’t decide. A lot of changes have occurred this year and my loneliness had gotten the better of me….I need to write about the summer of 2016…

That was an interesting summer. A bad summer. I was drunk probably every single night back then….and adventures happened and i learned stories from many people and saw situations occur…all not good but at the very least it slowly formed a story in my brain…..my great American novel. (Life on Mended Wings) Since November 1st I began tapping away on this keyboard, and Buddy, business is booming!

I tell a lot of truths and secrets I have never told anyone. I feel I need to for reasons that are lost in the stratosphere. However the book is about millennials, mental illness, love, hate, sex, booze, drugs, and coming of age. Maybe you will like it? Or maybe you will piss on it? Lets see shall we….

Life. Life has been weird. I have been going through weird bouts of loneliness for some reason. I never really have this issue but something is causing it. I am having paranoid thoughts about my closest friends. Maybe they hate me, what did I do?  I only ever see Shaffer, Andrew, and Fat John which is cool I love those guys, some of my best friends but there are others and it makes me wonder….. Then there is my dog….

Nessie, my favorite. She is a 10 year old lab with some health issues. One issue that took a biopsy to check. I have not received the results yet and I am strong about it. I’ll do anything to save that dog. There isn’t a person on this world that understands me like that dog, and I know that there is a big chance at her death, and that will send me deep into a pit of despair that will take awhile for me to climb out of. If I am right about my thoughts on my friends then I can’t lose her….I can’t I just fucking can’t! She wouldn’t give up on me and I can read her face..she wants to live, she doesn’t want to leave. This loneliness, I’ll do anything. I love that dog so much! It was always suppose to her and I against the world but fate and life decided to take their big dicks out and slap me in the face. That is the world for you……..

In other news….I voted for Gov. and it looks like I voted right! JB do your thing Boy! Illinois Gov. usually end up in prison. So, if he succeeds that is awesome! If he goes to prison, well, that is pretty funny! Win, win!

I almost shot a deer last night while hunting. Didn’t work out, laws of mother nature playing her cards. Next time hopefully!!!!

I recently went to a club for some live music and had my face painted for charity. I had it painted like the wrestler Jeff Hardy. I kinda look like an I.C.P bitch, but I promise you I was going for the charismatic Enigma look!



My Chicago Bulls are losing…Levine Looks great though! My Bears are finally looking great! It is really exciting to watch them play….it hasn’t been that way since 2006…….I probably just fucking jinxed it (For fucks sake Tyler)

My kidneys started hurting bad last month, so bad at work I went into the bathroom and crawled into the fetal position, keeping myself from screaming. It was hurting so bad I wanted to fucking die. I kept remembering parts of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow to try and take my mind off of it. Since then, I have made an appointment with my doctor, went on a diet, and have been working out after work. I cut back on the drinking pretty hardcore. Takes days off, but tonight I decided to mix cheap whiskey with filtered water and its doing the trick. Sorry vanilla coke zero…I do not trust you….

To all my Tyler Wayniacs who buy copies of my books, who support me, follow me, or even read these blog posts, just remember that I love you and will always be grateful for it. No matter what!

Till next time!

Love, Tyler Wayne






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