Being the Shepherd

So I am working on the series I call The Broken Wings Trilogy, which covers the growing process or the coming of age story of a 20 something millennial. Neither of the stories follow one or another so you could read them in any order but I had always been working on the second one since it is the most relevant in my brain. I have several chapters done, but the other day at work I heard a song played on the piano, but this was one of those rare songs that makes you brain break apart and your muse spread likes a disease across each lobe and you start feeling shots of inspiration followed by flashes of images for a story. I came up with a concept last summer that I was only calling Summer Story but I soon realized upon hearing this song that it could be a novel. The prequel novel in the trilogy, about 21 year old and the debauchery they cause. My friends and I remember this time fondly…… So based upon the stories of this time I can write a full novel which I started and so far it is called The Origami Frogs. In order to do this I felt I should ask permission from anyone involved to base characters off of them. They all agreed and it has already started. This was a way better idea then starting it in my movie theater days, because those were mostly shitty but after I left I entered this phase of my life and it was much more fun…much more.

I hit real topics we had, all seen through a fictional character, the only non real person in the story. I do feel a bit guilty about the stories that I have coming in this novel, but they are useful. I plan to release a chapter soon (Riding the Nightrain) which should be fun. The novel is a thank you letter to my friends who were my brothers during this time. A book about the coming of age of young 20 something guys. The real conflicts are addressed but a lot of fun is to be had as well. Not only is it a story for my friends but for the people who are going through this or remember these days. Lots of confusion but all in good fun.

Some of the projects I have coming (for real this time) are pretty cool. One is coming this month and is about my dog. She would have been 11 this month and I have been dreaming about her constantly. But if you can’t dream then what does life mean? It is a real heartbreak story but I have to tell it. Need to.

I have some stuff planned in the next couple of months for new experiences and some are not that huge but they mean the world to me. I just hope I don’t get lost in it all. I have to remember who I am. The Coked Up Holy Man once called me The Shepherd. He might have been wrong, he might have been fucked up, but hey, I’ll try to be that guy. Life with meaning no matter how small is a good life in general.

1 thought on “Being the Shepherd

  1. I saw your recent FB post about losing a dog. I shared it because it hit home. I don’t know if you remember Jake. He was 16 and he passed on Feb 23. I did a blog post about him. (Just started blogging myself).

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