I’m finally back after a long break, due to my lack of motivation. I have been writing, but fiction work in short stories and my new soon to be very long novel. Of course the lack of motivation has been a plague on those works as well.

What caused the lack of motivation? It could have been my cold attitude I usually have when I come home from my day job. It could be my fucking bitch of a lover known as Gout that likes to spring its head up every time I eat a little deer meat. Or it could be the Chicago Bulls who tanked after the all star break and lost in the first round of the playoffs (They won 1 game) ….yeah it was probably the Bulls.

Of course over the months the world has had its share of problems between Russia and the mass shootings but I have no love for any of these topics. I was more invested in the Depp & Heard trial. A superstar actor against a B list actress who’s acting is so bland you hardly notice her in any role. She may not have that many roles now…..Either way it was a very entertaining trial to watch. A desperate girl with a history of abuse trying to say she was abused…best acting she has ever done.

I am looking forward to the summer, I wish I could enjoy more of it but my fucking grown up life is showing its pathetic teeth. Either bite me or get out of my way. My blood is colder than my snakes most days. My job pumps inferno hate into my heart which should thaw me out out instead I am just exhausted.

I want to talk about food, sports, my thoughts on movies and all that other shit I rant about (mostly nonsense) and just be as depressing and sarcastic as I can possibly be. Perhaps I will, perhaps not. Only time will tell, and I hate the sand in the hour glass.


2 thoughts on “Remerge

  1. What’s your snakes name?!

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