Hater: Valentine’s Day

I’m alright with most holidays. However, I hate Valentine’s Day. The whole concept is one of the dumbest fucking things I have ever heard. A day to celebrate love. Can’t any day be that for the one you love? Is it more special when it’s not set on a day when it’s “mandatory”? Of course, it is.

Tyler! Tyler! Tyler! Do you hate it because you haven’t had a Valentine in over 10 years? That seems like a valid point, but what if it’s this……I have chosen not to celebrate….even when I could have. Look, I did all the boyfriend shit with a different girl for years over the fucking holiday….secret it is…..I hated it. I did it because there is a stigma with it if I didn’t get the bitch flowers or candy or some fucking thing! I don’t hate love; I just hate a day to remind us of a feeling that we naturally have.

Love is a wonderful thing and so natural. Some people love their friends, spouses, pets……the average person. Then some scary people love slaughtering prostitutes. (Jack the Ripper) I mean, should serial killers start killing on Feb 14th because they love killing? I’d say most just pick the day when The feeling is right…unless this is some fucking horror movie. ( My Bloody Valentine)

The most annoying thing is social media. Everyone posting the same cheesy ass posts. Hell, I probably did it when I was young. Now, I see someone post about their Bloody love for someone. Talk so highly of them like they are perfect….then….a year passes…and all those people will say the same shit about a completely different person……. oh was the last person not what you thought.? Tell me, who is going to be your true love next year? Do you have them lined up yet? Only 365 more days; get looking. (Please shoot me)

In conclusion. If you love the holiday, that’s cool. I love Halloween and the 4th of July, and I know people can’t stand those holidays. You do you, and I will do as I please. Hell, I will probably have to celebrate Valentine’s Day again….one day.


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