September Serial Killers

Well, September is at its end and that’s great. Now Green Day can wake up or whatever that fucking annoying song is about. I hated it when I was 13 and I still hate it at 32.

Now the air is getting cooler, the leaves bleed their dying colors soon and Samhain (Halloween) is around the corner as usual. Carmel apple, pumpkin spice everything. Maybe some cider with a little whiskey in it? Hunting season as well.

Football is in full swing. I wish the Bears could pass the ball more. Da Bulls start soon as well and I am very excited and hope to God they stay healthy!

Who hates The Fall like seriously!? The death of nature is so lovely. So much is going on! Movies start blowing up, new seasons of your favorite shows, sports, bonfires, and the temp is so good you never get hot nor cold.

I watched only a couple episodes of that Dahmer show so far. It’s alright, I have seen so much stuff on him over the years. What I am annoyed about is everyone’s obsession with him. People feel sorry for him and think he didn’t deserve to be killed in prison. No, fuck that guy! He deserved worse.

I find it weird people didn’t even know who he was before. What about John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, H.H. Holmes, Carl Panzram, Richard Speck Aileen Wuornos, Zodiac, Son of Sam, and BTK?

How about Edmund Kemper? He cut his mother’s head off and had sex with it!? Or how about Albert Fish? The one that scares me the most……He would kidnap children, eat them and then write letters to the parents telling them how he cooked them……….

Seriously to hell with those people. Of course, most of them have some sob story from their past, and it’s alright to sympathize with them until the first rape/torture/slaughter. After that, it all goes out the window.

At least Ed Kemper knows he can’t be in society and rejects his parole on purpose. Best I can say about any of them. Ted Bundy would have been a great lawyer.

All I can say for now.

r cold nose hot

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