Player 4

It was good to see the other guys tonight. It’s been forever.

It used to be a routine but life has a way of showing us our bitter end. Say it is what it really is, but it’s all useless talk with the same outcome.

Lost in my written work. I don’t want to come back.

Soon I will be back in the burden of my life. Dress clothes that feel like fake skin, as fake as the fresh coat of paint on every spot. It’s all show. I have a list of stresses I wish to unleash on the world, but if I type it all here I might get fired….but one day I will and the hooks that are stuck in my hellbound heart with be released and the rain will come down and wash away the chalk. In time the memory will be nothing more than clay in the foundation of shit.

I really wish all my dreams didn’t evolve into nightmares, but these are the scars I bare whether seen or not. Hey, you can’t have pleasure without pain, and some get off on it. I stand witness and drink from the golden cup till I can’t feel it until the blood runs off me in the shower. I wish I was fucking kidding but my past is hilarious and crazy on certain nights.

You will read about it, but probably not. This is the only place where people give me a chance. Perhaps I already ruined it all, but hey maybe there is a lesson hiding amongst the flesh, something new and hideous, but with true passion.

People love to give up on the broken, but that’s because broken people are not afraid of their vices, everyone else are just liars.

Good thing Football is starting. Fantasy love and the Chicago Bears. I only pray for my Bears but if God is real he/she probably is a Packers or Tom Brady fan…..well there is always my Bulls.

Till next time.

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