Sick Days

I have not been sick in a very long time. Right before the lockdown I got really sick and was off work for 10 days…but I didn’t have covid nor have I caught it…yet. some doctors say we will all catch it eventually, currently I am dealing with a fucking chest cold.

My vocals are bad. Runny nose. No cough but when choked on some water the cough was brutal. I havent had a fever. Of course this all could be covid, but I doubt it. My throat finally feels better and my appetite is back.

Of course I am wrapped in a blanket while typing this. Running through my streaming services and podcasts looking for anything to entertain me. Bulls won today so that is always a plus.

None of that is all that interesting. I saw Scream 5 two weeks back. I really liked it. Good surprises and a bloody good time. A good tribute to Wes Craven.

Today would have been a great day to hit a record store and add to my collection. My latest was Paul’s Boutique. (Beastie Boys)

The dead of winter is the worst time of the year. Illness and the cold air just ruins the world. Maybe a hot toddy would cheer my ass up!

I am going back to college. Not for the same reason most people go. Not going for useless degrees or the leaning tower of student debt, but I am going on my own terms, taking writing courses and whatever I feel like taking. Tired of the same shit I do every day.

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