Being Proper No. 12

For Christmas I received a stack of books, a burger smasher, hot sauces, clothes, record player, a few other things and Proper No. 12, also known as Conor McGregor’s whiskey. It’s a nice and rich, with a smack of vanilla to it. It’s nice on a January day on the porch. Cold enough for a jacket but a neat glass of No. 12 keeps ya warm.

Christmas and the whole month trickled by and I hardly noticed. I have had multiple gout flare ups and I am damn sure Conor McGregor here might prolong it besides dull the symptoms down to a light throb. I also picked up my deer from the meat locker, so I can finally make Reindeer Dogs. (Venison bratwurst with onions grilled in coca-cola with mustard on top) I read it is the regional dog for the state of Alaska. Being from Illinois I usually prefer my hot dog ran through the garden but my goal is to try every state regions hot dogs. It’s an easy goal and another reason why gout doesn’t like me.

I like to cook and I don’t mind living in risk. Life is dull otherwise. Like it’s alright to be scared, I am terrified of space, but if someone was like “Hey, do you want to take a trip to the moon?” Fuck yeah!I have always wanted to go there. History has shown it can be dangerous when we go to space, and if an accident would occur, just know that I will be happy to die that way. I am surrounded by people who will die 90 + in a warm bed. I would much rather go out in an awesome way.

I am not going to the moon and I don’t want to die anytime soon, but the world and every person’s fate can be a real cold bitch, especially in a world where on wrong mistake can end you. Like my first book sold a decent amount for a nobody like me. However, it is not that great and my writing and story telling has improved a ton since then. I feel judged by how sloppy it was because my second sold 1/3 of the amount of than one, and this recent book (that is my best work) has sold the smallest amount. It doesn’t change my mind on anything, I have another story in the works, and another….another…another.

The Chicago Bulls are easily one of the best teams in the East….but their defense is starting to really piss me the fuck off. (AC we need you!)

I have decided to begin training for Tetris tournaments that go on around the country. Good money can be won in those. I’m bad at a lot of things, decent at a few things, but I am really good at Tetris! I have played nonstop since I was a child. It mellows me out and in this town I beat the number 1 spot on the arcade console. A record no one else can ever beat since the place closed down….. As long as I train well on the nes cartridge and gout doesn’t swell my thumbs I should good to go in the coming year or 2.

2021 will not be remembered as well as 2020 which is a good thing. I’m eager for 2022 and everything beyond.

This upcoming year I have many plans….let’s see how they play out……

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