Absurd: New Guns N Roses Song

So the other day they played a new song live. I saw the poor quality from someone’s phone. I didn’t think much of it at the time. A couple hours ago they launched it as a single all over. I am excited, confused, disappointed, and speechless. However, it is stuck in my head.

Who didn’t want to hear Slash, Duff, and Axl on a song again!?

Let me back up…..I am a huge Guns N Roses fan. When I was a teenager the original lineup was gone and New GNR graced the world. One day I will tell the full journey of what Guns N Roses meant to me, but not right now. I was a teen kid along with some friends that were following the rumors and leaks of Chinese Democracy. (I love that album) Hearing this song reminded me of a track they never released. I believe Absurd is the evolution of what the song Silkworms was….

GNR is finally back with Axl, Slash, and duff…and that is great, but my disappointment came from the unexpected. Slash said we would probably hear new music this year, but this was crazy! I mean I was 18 the last time a new single came out and I am 30 now! (Shadow Of Your Love doesn’t count. I had that on a bootleg when I was 16) Absurd is short compared to most of their songs, however the music is fast and cool, the lyrics are wicked! (Axl sounds like he is singing through a megaphone) The song slows for a short moment and it sounds soothing before it kicks back in full gear.

It took a few listens but I do like it, and I hope to hear it live when I see them in Chicago next month! I really hope people will give it a chance. When Chinese Democracy hit it was so rejected. Only in recent years have I heard people actually appreciate it now. Slash and Duff weren’t around but they did have Buckethead! The old GNR fans of the 80’s might hate this new track, but you know that era is dead and buried. Axl likes to change up the sound and I can appreciate any artist who does something different. Like Stephen King when he wrote Eyes of the Dragon (Great book)

These lyrics are crazy. I love it!

On another note. My book will be out officially in a couple days. I will post the link when its good to go!

I don’t pretend I know anything about music, but this is just what I like…So give the new track Absurd a chance. You can find it on YouTube and Spotify.


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