Bonus Chapters and the trials of my John Carpenter collection.

I finished my book more than a week before the 4th of July. The books wouldn’t be ready by the 4th (fuck) so I could not do a signing. Since that fell apart, I decided to pull the book back, and rework the book in a way where I could add two more chapters. I thought I was finished when I was rushing some. I realized that I kept thinking about the story as if I could add more. I caved on it and began writing the chapters. I wanted more depth to my characters to give it a fine finish. The story isn’t complicated, just odd at times. I tried a few things that I think will go over….but we shall see!

This gout life has really cooled down. Symptoms are gone and I resumed to eating poultry about once a day. (God I missed Chicken) I still keep those veggie meals around and I may upgrade red meat to once every couple of weeks. Of course beer and seafood is out forever. If symptoms come back I will drop down into a vegetarian diet again until symptoms vanish. I seem to have in managed. (For Now)

Dreams. What the hell? I think we as a whole species really don’t like hearing about other people’s dreams. It is all like poorly told stories that ring in our head when we are sleeping. There is no point, no ending, no reason. The science of sleep is a bitch. I will not tell you about my crazy imagination. (My new book was based off a dream I had as a kid) Nightmares are stranger. When I wake up from them, I go and get a drink of water, and then I go back to sleep only to fall right back into the nightmare I just left. That is really weird and also what happened this morning. I wish I could have better dreams, like raw dogging some randoms. I used to have sexy dreams like that as a teen. I guess when you are 30 you can hold your whiskey glass up and be like, “I didn’t do that enough.”

I am currently trying to collect all the John Carpenter directed steelbook movies. It is a bit expensive but it is worth it when you are a super fan. (For real, it is bad) I could go on forever how his movies still beat the modern standards of today. The Apocalypse Trilogy is grand and I have two of those in steelbooks. (The Thing, Prince of Darkness) However, Shout Factory has never announced a steelbook for In The Mouth of Madness to my knowledge. How? I can’t complete the JW Steelbook Apocalypse Trilogy without a steelbook of that movie, easily could compete as his best movie. Get on it Shout Factory!

My friend’s dog passed away a few weeks ago. It really brought out the old feelings of when my dog passed. I tried my best to help. I help with dog loss better than I help with people. It is a regretful feeling….. However, Banjo was a really good boy and I have never heard a dog bark a little as him. I’m serious he was a one and done dog. One bark and he fell silent. It was really funny as I think about it……

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