This Gout Life

Lets rip this band-aid of quickly. Impossible meat doesn’t really taste like meat. I cooked some last week. Don’t kid yourself or tell little white lies to everyone, but it doesn’t. It may look like it in raw form, it may look like meat after cooked. It may even have the same texture, but it does not taste like meat. However, it doesn’t taste bad, and I am aware of how the cattle industry may be a major culprit of climate change. I do agree that out future is looking to be more plant based. I am just saying that impossible meat doesn’t taste like actual beef. I still like it though. I will still use it though, because I sit here and wonder of the possibilities with it. Will it make some food taste better? Chili? Lasagna?

Burger King does do a good job though. The impossible Whopper tastes more like beef since they can still add those char marks and all the flavor to the patty (Besides that beef fat from the raw meat they use on the same grill. If that is true). BK I feel is more underrated in general, but I say that because I do have a soft spot for those chicken fries and that zesty sauce.

I was diagnosed with Gout in early May. My kidney disease is starting to play with me… (So I read) In doing so I became a vegetarian where I can’t drink beer either (I still drink whiskey/scotch) I recently learned about how whiskey/scotch has health benefits and studies show that some show improvement with gout. So I am back in the game!

I feel I should be sad about the cancel culture of my meat eating, but I am excited about all the veggie/vegan food dishes I can try! (Also I an not a strict vegetarian. I will eat meat on certain special days) It will be funny this deer season when I will be a vegetarian hunting deer. (The first ever!)

So I am nearing the end of my book, (The Autumn Witch) and now the small bits of panic are setting in. Is my vision understandable? Did I fuck this up? Will anyone actually like it? These are all fears I had before but on a higher level since I am doing my first book signing.

This is my 3rd book, but my first horror novel. It is about a teenager going missing and they believe a bloody-eyed goat and a witch are involved. It is technically a horror/mystery story. It is not really scary, at least not to me. However, witches do frighten me (Used to when I was a boy) so for my first horror novel I wanted to write about what scared me the most. It is weird at times and I just really hope people like it. I will include more information soon if anyone is interested.

I will keep this one simple, basically because my writing time is consumed by the book. With that I say….Who wants to see me write about horror? Food? music? sex? Who the hell knows!? I never know and I just throw that shit together. I will be back in full gear when the book comes out! (July 4th)

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