Unrest! Let us Test

That sand keeps flowing on a crash course. The warm air tries to slide into Illinois, but earlier in the week snow tried to show back up. Days keep coming and going. Spring is here and summer will be right around the corner. All good fun, but for every edit or change I make on my book, I lose the pace I was on. Half the fun I have of writing this shit pile of a story is watching it’s own wings stretch out and fly. I had to cut down, cut out certain characters and subplots, replace them with some glue and new characters to help drive the plot where I want it to go. I normally get frustrated but eventually the spider in my brain builds strands to its web and starts binding the parts together and it flows beautifully. The sand in that hourglass is on a crash course. I have never seen a real beach, but these words are making an ocean….

Time is a real bitch. One moment it can be 9 at night and the next thing I know it is 4 in the morning. I am taking in caffeine during the day in record amounts. Basically the same amount that high school kids used to brag about every morning. I hope those kids look back and cringe. Glad I never did that. Now, I feel I must do that, to keep my head strong, Obsessively thinking, dreaming, and plotting the work that I must get done, all the while I am telling people where to sit for dinner. The reality I live anymore is a waste to my own personal purpose. I just need the paycheck for now.

I take my break of course. Mostly watching movies, read from time to time, and of course watch my Chicago Bulls shine a light then get snuffed out. Watching the world burn has been an angry experience for the most part. Just keep your composure. It can be hard though when another cops shoots someone because she mixed up her taser for her gun….Normally you should never call a woman a bitch, or a cunt. ( I like to use those terms on men to take them off their manly horse) So let me make this very clear….That fucking cunt was on the force for 26 motherfucking years and she doesn’t know the difference between her taser and a gun!? Fucking dumb bitch! Just using the Fruitvale Station defense again. I hope they throw the book and make her the female Chauvin. After he was found guilty we all celebrated at work, but of course there is that person who is in the middle that likes to say, “It is sad that two lives are destroyed over this.” Like what, the cop gets to go free because he suffocated a man, so his life can be saved? Good try at hiding your racism. Maybe if the fucker did his job correct no one would be dead or in prison. My new favorite line from white people is, “Riots all last summer and those people are getting away from it, but all the people that rushed the capital are going to prison.” Well that statement is false, but their is a difference. The riots were over civil and racial unrest, sparked by protests…..the capital riots were evolved from conspiracy theories that took those protesters and made them commit treason against the United States of America. That is the difference. All the people who rushed the capital deserve prison and they are fucking lucky. Other countries just would have killed their ass, we are pretty soft on them. Personally I wish they would have killed the traitor fucks who waved that pussy ass rebel flag in our capital. I might only be saying that because of the whiskey, but I am not going to censor my self being for the benefit of people that know me…..

“Tyler! A lot of those people who rushed the capital were in the armed forces who served their country!” So? They did a very honorable thing by serving their country, doesn’t mean they deserve a get out of jail free card. You can do a great thing and still be a piece of shit of a human being. If you really loved your country, you wouldn’t have rushed the capital and try to kill the vice president or anyone who liked someone more than your candidate. Has anyone skinned that Buffalo Bill guy yet? A dude wears fur in our capital but is also a vegan. I hope he enjoys the prison food!

This cesspool fish likes to brag about how I haven’t harvested a deer in a couple years but he got one on his first try. Of course he used a crossbow because he isn’t strong or tough enough to pull a real bow back. (Like an actual hunter) Can’t gut it either. Gives the harvest away. Bitch I learned from the best, and I can actually chew my food like a person and not a beaver. So I keep all of mine, and I am not afraid of a little or a lot of blood. So criticize me all you want. Climb to the top of your mole hill, but just to let you know, there are piles of horse shit taller than your hill. Go for the hill, I aim for the mountain. Hide behind your lace curtain, because you can take the trash out of the park but it is still trash no matter how you dress it up. The average person can tell. They can read, write, and can actually graduate from school without George Bush’s No Child Left behind act. So idolize that pile of shit you look up to. It is the highest you will ever go.

Maybe I should be careful on what I type. I write one post on the Illuminati and next thing I know they contact me. (Probably a scam) So I guess it is cool that people actually read my shit.

Now, lets get off my dramatic stuff for the rest. I got the bachelor party rolling for one of my best friends this May. It is going to be fantastic! Also Resident Evil 8 drops soon! My excitement is starting to get annoying even to me. My Guns N Roses concert has not been canceled yet. It was canceled last year for obvious reasons but now it is looking good to go? (Maybe) I am planning Summer activities whenever I can (Maybe a book signing) I just got to get this book done first…..

See you soon!

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