An itch in the Blood

Welly Welly Well! I got myself a fish that sits on my desk. His name is Evan Williams. Like the cheap whiskey Evan Williams. Currently drinking Evan Williams with Cherry Coke Zero. With pages being written, and trips being planned, it is beginning to look like an exciting year! Of course there is that shadow of a doubt that throws shade whenever the brain flutters, but what is the point to fret on things that could be impossible?

Yeah life is feeling pretty good right now. Exciting, and much curiosity to keep me from falling back into myself. My blood is itching for spring. Much work is ahead for me, but I can take it with annoyance but its is not enough to lower me. (Yet) Depressing topics, issues, and people bring me down. My realist attitude has kept me stable but I don’t understand why other should rain on someones parade just because they didn’t own their own shit.

An ugly truth is only deemed so by the beliefs of the individual. So under those rules, an absolute truth should also be based on the beliefs of the individual. That is impossible, so we just create lies that are painted like truths? Logic of a politician. So maybe there are a few absolute truths we all should follow by, but the ugly truth is…we can’t. A human’s mind is dim witted no matter how clever. Must be our programming.

Thats my food for thought….now for a rant…..

The Chicago Bulls had been terrible since the fall of Derrick Rose. (Sorry Rose) There are no true Bull’s fans out there these days. One is my best friend and everyone else will just say the same thing…….”I was when Jordan played for them.” Look I am so tired of hearing about Michael Jordan, or Pippen, or Rodman, or fucking Phil Jackson! Oh my favorite is, “They are not as good as they were in the 90’s!” Oh, no shit! Who the hell is?! No one will be! It is in the past, let it rest! Chicago fans have always lived in the past between the 96 Bulls and the 85 Bears….. Now in the year 2021 we have a Bulls team that is finally growing and look far different than they did a year ago! Zach LaVine is finally an All-Star with help from Coby White, Wendell Carter Jr, and the young Patrick Williams. Billy Donovan (Coach) has really put together a fun Chicago team to watch. Trade for another big name in the off season and the Bulls have a real shot to win it all again.

Had to get that off my chest.

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