Whiskey Wednesday: Welcome Back

To revive this is to drink (Obviously) and the drink of choice is the tried and true Evan Williams with coke zero. A true classic, cheap for a handle, and goes down smoother than Jack, or Jim. American in its roots, but I can’t forget the Irish or Scotland drinks that will make their appearance in weeks to come.

The lock down sent me down a rabbit hole of whiskey (Whisky) types and drinks. However, Wednesdays are not nights where I talk about the vice that is flowing through my body at this given moment. It is to vent, rant, and say nonsense that makes the slightest bit of sense. Perhaps dark humor pouring from my very nature, A frog wishing to ride, but lives for the rush of the scorpion’s sting to remind one self of my own mortality that could leave me at any given moment.

No sense fretting over death. The worse thing to waste time on. If life is just our mind trying to conceive a value that we all are our one self, then I want this self to die doing something outrageous or at the point where I can say “I lived.” As of now I haven’t for the exception of the worlds in my mind. One’s far greater than I ever wish to dream.

When I sleep (When) the dreams I have tear me apart at times. Finding old scars and making me see the blood again. Why? This Tyler is very different than that dead Tyler.

I did get to see several of my friends this past week. That does really recharge the soul. I really hope I still know the people I know till my dying day, but the world can be cruel in that sense. The guys I know feel like brothers to me, even if I don’t come around much, it remains true.

My truck broke down this week. In the past this would have ruined my attitude, but not with this vehicle. I love it and several mechanics have expressed their love of this vehicle as well. One even offered to buy it from me! Well, after a new fuel pump, a couple new tires, brakes as well. It is back and running. I may have spent 1400 that I actually had on me, but I feel good about it. I may have spent my adventure savings, but I do enjoy being hungry actually. Not food wise, I can take 5 bucks and make a 20 dollar meal out of it.

My hate flows into many eye roll moments in this world. A common trend I am seeing is people giving up alcohol. So many people bragging about their giving up the booze. Look, I get it. It is poison to the body, but clearly I am writing while on whiskey. I am a responsible adult that drinks when I can and it doesn’t affect my own life. I understand that some people need to quit. It affects their lives negatively and I respect you all for it. However, the vanity people seek for doing it makes me sick, especially if it is not affecting you in a negative way, but you need something to keep you relevant in a world that wanted to push you aside. Never seek vanity. It is a pathetic road that leads to a pointless existence. Maybe I am wrong, maybe you are doing it for your family. Little babies and all that blah. Luckily for me, Latex and my mastered pull out method have kept me closer to the anti-natalism movement that I support so well. Less responsibilities does lead to more fun.

Look, I am not religious and sure as hell I am not spiritual. Open to the idea, sure. How else is one suppose to be agnostic? I believe religion and spiritual beliefs are a stab into critical thinking. Fragile people who fight the world over stories that go against principles that are proven for the most part. People also corrupt the world in their beliefs. Like a certain pastor that likes to tell people that their parents divorce was their fault (Mine)….If I ever saw than man again I would beat him with every ounce of energy in my body. Then I would look into his one good eye and ask, “Where is your God now?”

I am judgmental, I know. Perhaps I will change. I hope that to be true. I would like to open my self to the world, letting my passion to be sucked into the nature of the beast, lift me up so high the crowns of kings will melt and my spirit will be free to live the best life.

Till next time….

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