As Cool as a Cucumber in a bowl of Hot Sauce

Quite the title right? To be honest I heard it in a song (Beastie Boys) and I just like it. Personally I have a problem with cucumbers. Dear Cucumbers, be pickles or be nothing. You are the aborted fetus of a pickle! Slip into a a jar with some salt, vinegar or whatever and evolve!

However, I love hot sauce. I put it on most food. Drop the 2 million heat meter in chili, but only a drop, but if we are using something weak like Frank’s you can drown veggies, meats, eggs or really anything in it. Frank’s isn’t that spicy, just a nice flavor. Hell I would probably like cucumbers better if they were in a bowl of hot sauce.

I love cooking and currently I am making Bison tacos. I normally use venison (Deer) because they literally make the best tacos! So using Bison meat will be an experiment. I like Bison Burgers so this should work….. (It did)

My appetite is pretty impressive I will say. I am pretty proud of it. I can eat any where and find something to fall in love with. Chinese food is not even close to my favorite type, but I do love General Tso’s chicken, because I am a basic white bitch American at times. No fear in what I eat, I never understood the fear in eating fast food. Fake documentaries like Super Size Me really give it all a bad name. There is no fear! I would eat a fried tarantula if it was offered. Insects? Sure! That weird Cobra meal in Vietnam where you have to do a shots of the venom and beating hearts (Apparently to increase your sex drive) I mean I would probably do it, after I have a doctor check my stomach lining to make sure I do not have any ulcers so the venom doesn’t kill me. Fun fact, you can drink venom and not die. as long as it doesn’t hit the blood stream before it breaks down in the stomach. I saw it in a survival show before.

Vegetarian meals are great too, but I can’t stand some vegan meals. Vegan bacon had the texture of cardboard! I can tolerate all veggies except one. (I hate fast food tomatoes actually) but it is olives! I hate olives, hot sauce can NOT save olives. The flavor is so strong it hits my taste buds like a bullet and over powers my meals. I imagine that is how vampires feel when they eat garlic. Which where did that come from in vampire lore? I love garlic, it is a basic building block in so many dishes, and then again, vampires only consume blood, so wouldn’t all food repel them?

Being from Illinois I have a taste for Chicago style food, like Deep Dish Pizza, smash steak burgers, and hot dogs ran through the garden. I love Chicago style hot dogs, but secretly I like Seattle style better. They are crazy! Made with cream cheese, sriracha, grilled onions, jalapenos. The combination with either a Vienna or Nathan’s hot dog is so crazy delicious I can’t even describe!

Yeah food is good, but what if I took the title and tried to find a life reference from it all? Like I am cool and good but the world around me is fire and horrible? I like that, and say it is true, but like I said, I hate cucumbers but love hot sauce. So what does that say about me?

Starting next week I will restart my Wednesday series Whiskey Wednesdays. In the past I would get super hammered on whiskey and just write what ever my brain breeds. I have done many, but in recent days I have stayed away, but those were always my favorite, so let’s pour a drink, eat Seattle style hot dogs and talk about it!

Also I am fully vaccinated from Covid!

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