It has been awhile since my voice shined across my keyboard. Lots has happened. (And nothing) My last post was just about Halloween movies and whatever, but that is a seasonal thing and I didn’t have much to say….but the world has a way of spilling thoughts all over the place. So make yourself a Black & Cola (Walker 12 year with diet cola) and follow me down this rabbit hole that has been taken over by a sleepy snake.

Halloween wasn’t exactly canceled due to the sick world, but it lacked the levels of fun that could be twisted in a sick pleasure. Then as soon as November hit, all minds turned towards the election and the world froze for like a whole fucking week. I am not going to rant about politics because that is not my style, nor really it shouldn’t be for anyone.( Never preach negativity) However, a lot of passionate people on both sides of the spectrum spoke up with positive and negative results. The American dream coming true? Self entitled people who hate another person based on who controls a Nation. Obviously there is common sense reasons for some and other things that are just scum of the earth (Fuck off Proud Boys) It is almost adorable seeing a bunch of ugly 19 years old virgins holding guns that are bigger than they are. If they would actually practice with smaller guns they would only need one bullet, but the days of the west are long gone and the gunslingers then were real killers, true shots with the single shot. That is about as far into politics I will say…and this…..I hear people say they hate someone for who they voted for….that is sad. Look, Good and bad people vote for what there gut says at times. Maybe they lack intelligence and maybe they are over educated. I understand the passion but no one can walk in the shoes of the millions of voters who voted against you. There can be reasons that come across like ghosts in your mind. Stop hating people who can’t see the world the way you can. At the end of the day we do all want the same things. A better America…..(unless you reasons are outlandish or racist) If so, then fuck off. I am not going to hate anyone who disagrees with me unless they deserve it.

Now that I got that off my chest, lets morph this topic into more pleasing fields (Kind of)

What have I been doing? Not a crazy amount. I am writing short stories and working on the tid bits of future works. I have been posting stories to a group of people who have made me a celeb in that little circle. I am harder on it than they probably believe, but some inspiring people have made me feel really good and look at me as a peer more so than how the world could view me. It is pleasing, but it embarrasses me at the same time. This story I am writing right now is called Open Wounds. It is kind of a sequel story to a book that I failed at writing (For Now) It reflects a lot on my personal views of people and the world with a strong dose of a Realist point of view. It is fun to write though, and I am taking my sweet time on it to get it right.

Hunting season has been filled with bad luck. I mean for me personally it has been the worst it has ever been, but I am still trying when I can. I should have seen the omens during the bow fishing season, but hey it is not like I am psychic. I mean I have no belief in that spiritual shit…because it is fake….ask Houdini or any great magician or escape artist. They spent good parts of their careers disproving it, and not a single person has ever given good evidence. Aliens are more logical that psychics with their bullshit cold reading and their false hope. How people still eat that garbage like candy makes me bash my head into a wall with pictures that make me question…..

FANTASY FOOTBALL! Last year I won on almost an impossible chance and I got a nifty belt as my trophy. I have played it up I admit…..but now the game has changed….I am first place in my league currently with a monster lineup……a few hiccups here and there (Prescott and Fuller) However, the game seems more competitive against me this year. Collusion on all corners, line up changes and odd trades to make me sweat. I get it and I would do the same. Ashley and I played some collusion against them too. We played it dirtier than everyone else and the price is costly. My fantasy soul is hers next season and it could cost me the belt, however the price might give me a back to back championship this year. If anyone else could win it I want it to be Ashley. Not her dad who likes to name drop me a lot. (Right Ross?) It is all in good fun though! However, if Ross wants to be my rival he might have to go through my best and oldest friend, because Matthew is not backing down! So if you all want my belt then you have to come and get it! Fantasy almost makes me forget about the Chicago Bears…..

The fucking Chicago Bears. Worst offense ever! Defense is falling apart and the best player is probably Allen Robinson and Akiem Hicks. They won’t pay Robinson and Hicks is injured so fuck us I guess. Virginia Halas McCaskey needs to sell the team to the city of Chicago or somebody who can put the right pieces in place. I don’t care what your blood line means to the team. He is long dead now and I am tired of seeing this mess. The Bulls dominated the 90’s, The blackhawks dominated my 20’s, and even the Chicago Cubs figured out how to win in my lifetime! What is your fucking excuse!?

Until next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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