The Wolves are Waiting

June was a very hard month to write for. After my last post the world went a crazy, justified depending on what you believe, but still hard to write about. Everything that can be said, has been said. Social media is such a negative platform. Of course I write my feelings on a blog, so I am perhaps part of the problem, but so is everyone.

In an election year we have every living being expressing themselves. That is great, that is bad. I don’t usually, besides the little hints I keep scattered through out. I am the only liberal deer hunter that I know. I don’t believe in traditional values. It is a bad joke. A robot dressed in sheep skin. being herded by a dog. I’d rather be a wolf, running through the woods, learning, living, and always watching. Here is the thing about that dog herding sheep, he was once a wolf. Deep down in his blood and his cross bred bones, he knows his nature. Every dog dreams of that life, before the collar and leash, sitting behind a white picket fence, trying to pinpoint the reason that their little pack isn’t like their dreams. Eating, breeding, working, and repeat. It is so stagnate, that I would rather drown in the waters of “traditional values’ than be a person constantly treading waters to the point of exhaustion, and by that point the fruit of your loins will stick you in a home just waiting for your end to reach you. (I would know a little about this last point)

There is this belief (Mankind created) that with traditional values and following paths into marriage, children, and bank loans that we will find happiness, completion of the game of life. However reality hits you with death, divorce, money slipping away, then you look at that fence, wondering what happened to the white paint. It makes look at your own hands, seconds before pulling your own hair out, and screaming to a God with no answer. Was it all a waste? Was it worth it following the old sheep before you? Who grew in a different time period. Tell me, how the fuck does the old traditions, primitive beliefs, prepare me for world that constantly changes? Then one day a sheep realizes their mistakes and escape then pen, but its far too late. The wolves are waiting.

Of course there are little things that some people believe to be ridiculous and appalling. Somehow wearing a mask is turning into a political statement for the smaller minds. Look, I don’t really fear Covid, but I have a responsibility to the elderly I work around. It really is common courtesy to the people around us. I could really go on a history lesson about that traitor confederate flag that people get erections for. Just burn the bitch. Oh look at me, repeating what other people have already said. (Fuck me right?)

A film I helped in Kickstarter finally came out. All I Can Say. I got an early screening of it and really enjoyed it. It is a fascinating documentary about the late singer Shannon Hoon (Blind Melon) before his death, all filmed by him back in the early 90s ending in 1995. He is even recording himself a couple hours before he is found dead. It really is meant for the die hard Blind Melon fans such as myself, but I will suggest it to anyone.

I learned a lot in these lock down months:

  1. What We Do In The Shadows is the best comedy series I have seen in a long time.
  2. Gin is delicious
  3. My fiction writing is finding the voice I have been looking for.
  4. Watching the Chicago Bulls shit themselves is better than not watching them play.
  5. You can be a complete idiot and still date Megan Fox (10 years late, but better than nothing)
  6. I watch a lot of cooking shows on YouTube.
  7. Billionaires, celebs, and role models fall from glory. People die left and right, However the world keeps turning……(Hell, I have always known that)

I think it is about time I get off my ranting for the next couple of posts. Lets watch the world burn together, have a drink, talk about aliens, fantasy football, movies, and anything that makes us smile like heathens.

Also I learned that putting a table spoon of Dijon mustard in mac and cheese helps the flavor. It is true from my own experience, but I have to ask……what asshole was cooking homemade mac n cheese and had the thought like, “You what would make this mac and cheese taste like sex? mustard.”


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