Rant and Shade

It amazes me about how many blog posts I write but never post. I dissect them up, stitch them together, and throw it some place for anybody to read. The other ones are mostly just me in my negative thoughts, dark humor, and my wit all strung together, and wet from the spilled whiskey. I could say the demons in the liquor cabinet have a grip on me, but I can’t because I just stack the bottles on my mini fridge. Joking aside, I really like making weird mixed drinks.

Right now I am just throwing new stories at magazines, publishers, and contests. Getting the name out there! I have only entered a couple in the past with not a word given. Now, I have better sources and better stories. My first rejection letter will be awesome! I will make a collage of them all, add in my Employee of the Month awards, saying I am the best employee, followed up by copies of all my Write Ups, saying that I am the worst employee. Usually those are placed on my fridge next to my wedding invites, pictures of my nieces, and pictures of Baby Strupek. (I miss my Bros)

Elon Musk has a question mark about him now, with his recent attitude and tweets about Covid. Weird. The dude has a lot of support because he could literally change the world and make things better for people. However, I believe him to be a man who listens to stats as facts, and does not listen to propaganda on the news. That is great and all, but maybe listen to common sense here and there. You can call him ignorant all you want, but ignorance can be bliss. (Glad he changed his baby’s really dumb fucking name)

That Megan Fox, and Machine Gun Kelly music video is interesting. Mainly because she looks the same as she did back in 2007. He looks like a teenage coffee house kid that is upset that it closed and will no longer be showing those shitty local metal bands that play there. I admit I am a hater, always have been. I’m more pissed because Bloody Valentine gets stuck in my head…..

My Guns N Roses concert was canned. Knew it would be. Axl Rose is very opinionated about everything. It is weird that we live in a world where Axl is the voice of reason. His twitter wars are hilarious! I love them all! I still need to buy their new shirt. (Live N’ Let Die with Covid 45)

I live in Illinois and I find it funny that all the Pritzker haters act like all us Trump haters. When the shoe is on the other foot it is pretty revealing. I mean what bitch would wear two different shoes? It really shows that we all literally can be the same, but act like we hate each other over really petty political statements. When we watch the Devil drink wine from the skull of Christ we always point the finger at what we hate, but never at ourselves in the mirror.

Trump signed some document on social media. I don’t get fact checked on Twitter because I barely post on any social media except this. It is really petty and pathetic but it will not affect me at all. Very few of my friends or family from my social media will actually read this. Strangers around the world will. Strange how the world works….

Some Kings need to remember where their place is, which is just a forgotten prince who lost their way. You talk better, I write better. I can always see through it all. Like a gutted deer, getting ready to pull its skin off. I. SEE. EVERY. FUCKING. PIECE. I keep quiet and let my wit, anger, and mixed thoughts build. Let me clarify, this is not a political statement at all. (Personal)

When you are wrong, admit you are wrong. If you are right, then keep silent. Words of wisdom that I clearly am not living by in this post….but here is something that I am not wrong about.

Fuck that cop! Lets see him behind bars!

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