Turn for Me World

Once upon a time, in the long long ago, there was a world known as early March. We lived in the wild world, under 6 feet of each other. We we not labeled Essential and it would have been abnormal to walk the streets in little masks. The only sanitizer we drank came aged, neat, in a glass, with the slightest reflection of all your friends playing pool. Movie theaters served popcorn before you went to your Marvel movie, expecting the same thing over and over again, trying to ignore the fact that time travel ruins the impact that death has on characters….

Well I never intended that direction, nor do I care to talk about plague 2020. The topic is over played, constantly reminded, and annoying. “Tyler! People are dying! You can’t say it is annoying!” Actually I can. I don’t live with my head buried in the sand. Death occurs in every situation, at every moment in life. Did covid spread everywhere? Yeah. Did people die? They sure did. Will I catch it? Maybe. I wear my mask like I should and I stay the fuck home when I am not being Essential. A word that should be tattooed on me, but sadly all the shops are closed. One day we will vaccinate or find a good way to treat it and the world will still keep turning. Then we all can go back to our shootings, child endangerments, RX, 3rd world starvations, suicides, serial killers hunting on highway 16 in Canada, (Highway of Tears) Red Rooms, natural disasters, mental health, questionable politics, (Maybe I should bury my head in the sand) and yet the world will still keep turning. It probably turns better without all the smog. Then after we resume we can go back to our world and we can sit in that theater watching Black Widow and I will try to tell myself that the movie is great and try to rip anything positive out of the experience so I don’t look like a fucking outcast who would much rather watch 100 dollar indie films than all of these watered down action films! and I might even shed a tear for the time where I stayed the fuck home and watched Community for the 19th time. Hell, I will just stay the fuck home.

When the bars open I have alot of make up drinking to do, since I decided to quit during the quarantine………..I’m just kidding, I wore my masks into two liquor stores yesterday, stocking my bar with Essential drinks. Handle of bourbon, 5th of gin, 5th of rum, 5th of vodka, and 12 year scotch. Then I roll on home, crank Egg Man by the Beastie Boys, (Yell at AppleTV for being a thing plus wondering why the documentary on the Beastie Boys is not on Netflix or Prime) and write all these stories that I have time for. I will make deer tacos at some point, and try to remember what sleep is like. The world keeps turning….

Should I even spell check and read my sentence structures out loud? Does it really matter? The world will keep turning. Its not like some corporate literary big shot with heart disease and a Metoo case against him will jump through my computer and land on my lap offering me a job to write about my rants for money. He would be like, “Tyler, Check Your Head, (Beastie Boys) Cut your damn hair, (It has been 2 years) put down that buffalo chicken (Fuck off) and write what we want you to write!”….if this would happen I will be praying for Covid. (This is just my way of saying that I will not edit this blog)

I might as well repeat what you all are saying, Cause you can’t, you won’t, and you don’t stop! (Beastie Boys)

Wear your mask, wash your hands, and stay the fuck home!

I never drop the mic, I Pass the Mic (Beastie Boys)

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