Welcome back! It has been some months. I believe it was the day before my 29th birthday. A really sad post. I was really at a creative breaking point and I was crumbling to pieces. Those days are behind me…for now. Well, it is months later and I have been putting my full attention into my next novel, a short story contest, and life in general.

Hunting season was a bust, but football season was great! (Not for the Bears) I won my fantasy football league for the first time! I am also trying out the XFL, which I do like. Lets go Dragons!

Since I just finished my first writing project in 2 years, I feel very accomplished and motivated. It gives me a sense of purpose, which is what I need. I feel the only reason worth living is to have purpose. I look at single mothers around my age who raise a child all alone, but they base their entire existence that they were meant to be a mother. Well yeah you were born that way. I mean there really is not any reason to brag that you are a parent or even a responsible parent. That is what you are suppose to do! If that is “purpose” to you and helps you sleep at night then I my hat is off to you. However, you don’t have to have a spouse, a child, or picket fence just to have purpose. Well, how they hell would I know? I don’t have any of those things!

What is my real purpose in this world? No idea, all the cards are still on the table and only time will tell. I like multiple choice, the path not beaten, and the jump into the unknown. Anything could happen.

I finally get to see Guns N Roses on their next tour. I saw New GNR like 10 years ago, but I have never seen Slash and Duff play! So this should be a real treat for me.

This could be the point in the post where I vent about my life, but why the hell should I? I think one of the biggest problems in the world is when people have to post about their own negative issues. You see when people post their garbage about politics, relationships, health issues, or even their terrible job, it leads to creating misery. Hell, maybe that was their purpose. To offend everyone who is not on their side. I know that al ot of people do it for self relief. Hell, I have done it, and I am eating my own words at this point, but it taste better than the pescatarian diet I did for 3 months! I am going to try and be better about that. Lots of trolls in this world just digging into their own ass, trying to find their own purpose. We really don’t need anymore! Though I will be back with it at some point. People can change, but that nature of the beast is pretty unpredictable.

I feel this is enough to start this blog back up. Stay tuned if you fell interested to hear my spill my fucking spontaneous thoughts. Agree with me or don’t, just keep your damn mind open. Drain your whiskey and sleep tight, until next time……….

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